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WiFi Marketing

Your customers expect WiFi from the businesses they visit, including yours. But why give away your WiFi, when you can use it as a database building and marketing tool!

Our custom integration with The WiFi Company will track users, send automated visit reminders & birthday greetings, and includes custom landing pages. 

Our WiFi Marketing service includes:

  • Delivery of the latest, secure, WiFi routers.
    Protect your business by keeping your customers off your business connection
  • Custom landing page for users login
    • Seasonal changes to promote Fall Leagues, Holiday Parties, Open Bowling Specials, etc.
    • Tracking of all users for use in re-targeting thru Google ads (optional, fees apply)
  • Email reminders if no use in 30 & 60 days
  • Birthday messages linking to your party page
    • 30 days before birthday & 7 days before, by email
    • 1 day before, by SMS (text)
  • Holiday Party email campaign delivered in October, linked to your website party page
  • League start up email delivered in August, linked to your league page
  • Tracking of WiFi activity in your BowlRx Admin Portal for easy monitoring

WiFi service is available for those on Silver or Gold website plans.

Call for more details: 541-549-0999 or send us an email for a followup.