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WiFi Marketing

Your customers expect WiFi from the businesses they visit, including yours. But why give away your WiFi, when you can use it as a database building and marketing tool!

Our custom integration with The WiFi Company will track users, send automated visit reminders & birthday greetings, and includes custom landing pages. 

Our WiFi Marketing service includes:

  • Delivery of the latest, secure, WiFi routers.
    Protect your business by keeping your customers off your business connection
  • Custom landing page for users login
    • Seasonal changes to promote Fall Leagues, Holiday Parties, Open Bowling Specials, etc.
    • Tracking of all users for use in re-targeting thru Google ads (optional, fees apply)
  • Email reminders if no use in 30 & 60 days
  • Birthday messages linking to your party page
    • 30 days before birthday & 7 days before, by email
    • 1 day before, by SMS (text)
  • Holiday Party email campaign delivered in October, linked to your website party page
  • Tracking of WiFi activity in your BowlRx Admin Portal for easy monitoring

WiFi service is available for those on Silver or Gold website plans.

automated marketing

We use your guest info to send out important email campaigns – like birthday reminders:

Birthday reminder email


30 Day Birthday Reminder

Get people thinking about planning their birthday at your center!

birthday greeting email


Birthday Greeting

Sent 7 days prior to their birthday reminding them they can celebrate at your place!


Not only are you providing a service to your customers, but we will be tracking all users for you. Reporting includes some of the following details, then we go to work marketing to them for you.

demographics chart


WiFi Usage Report

See how many guests use your WiFi each month

demographics report


WiFi Demographics

Get details on who your customers are