Five Stars!

“We were one of the first Centers to partner with Carey and Wow, the customer service is great, and the Products Work flawlessly. I highly suggest that you give Carey a call to setup a meeting, he will JUMP START your Business.” 

Pat Essy
Lava Lanes, OR

Love It!

“My group party requests are WAY up since moving to BowlRx. In fact, the requests are ‘off the hook’ and I am loving it!” 

Mandy Haws
Sooner Bowl, OK

Awesome Experience!

“Working with Carey and his support staff has been a great experience. They responded to every question or need that came up during the process. I highly recommend to everyone.”

Scott Devers
Mike Aulby’s Arrowhead Bowl, IN

Super Easy to Use!

“I love how easy it is for my customers to navigate and find all that I have to offer. My BowlRx website is a really great reflection on my business!” 

Andy White
Brandon Crossroads Bowl, FL

The Best!

“These guys are one of the best in the business. If you are looking to upgrade your website, I suggest you Go For It!

Sheldon Gooding
Gable House Bowl, CA


“We really like the way it looks on mobile and how easy is to work with. It is a perfect fit for the many of us in this industry that just don’t have the time to dedicate. I appreciate how hands off I can be with this product.”

Jeff Rizzardo
Trindle Bowl, PA

Highly Recommend!

“The transition from my old website was easy and affordable. I highly recommend centers get a BowlRx website!” 

Diane Mallow
Watertown Bowl, WI

Love My Website!

“The Alert feature that allows me to place snow days or cancellations on the website right from my phone is awesome!”

Jason Johannes
Park Lanes, KS


“Our website loads super fast, and is a great reflection on my business. The Selfie Machine is a very cool feature. I absolutely recommend the BowlRx websites!”

Don Marquart
The Epicenter, OR

Love It!

“My BowlRx website is a great reflection on my business. I love how it looks on mobile, the Google Indexed Calendar, and how fast it loads. The build process was awesome too!”

Frank Ruggerie
Colerain Bowl, OH

*These are actual quotes from real customers, but some names and companies have been withheld respecting their privacy. Contact us for more personal references. It’s a small world and it’s very likely we have worked with someone you know.