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Google Affinity Ads

Unique to bowling, our Google Affinity Ads program goes way beyond simple ‘keyword search ads’ that you may see elsewhere. With our research and advanced targeting algorithm, we can place as many as 50,000 ads in your market every month, resulting in hundreds of clicks onto your website. These ads are targeted to people who have visited your website, friends of these people, and a list of 30+ “affinities” that they share in common. (our secret sauce!)

The result is more people seeing your content, more parties booked, and more traffic driven back to your website!

Data from these ads is fed into your Admin Portal so you will see up to date results of impressions and clicks.

Having special landing pages for these ads is necessary for their success, which is why this terrific marketing vehicle is only available to those using our BowlRx website platform.*


Below is a typical result from one month of our Google Affinity Ads program. This center received over 47,000 impressions and is averaging 10 clicks thru to their website each day!

ad results graph